Many sites out there have rightly mentioned Tim Worstall’s 2005: Blogged, especially those who have had one of their articles included in the anthology. I notice Chris at qwghlm is pleased to be included for his article on ID Cards, as are the folk at Pickled Politics regarding the fantastic Apu essay.
I wonder if the book may provoke some kind of Heisenberg effect? By this, I mean – what if the very act of observing something, changes that thing you are observing? Now 2005: Blogged has been published, eager bloggers will begin beavering away, planning seminal posts that will make it into 2006: Blogged. Some kind of annual blogging awards may be just around the corner too! All of this will change the way people write. No longer will they fire off an angry yet unwittingly eloquent rant at 4am, instead they will be working and re-working their articles in the hope of winning an inclusion. I know I will.

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  1. Please don’t do that because the timbre of the blog will change – if the posting is good and worthy it will become published – not in 2006 blogged – but by links in the blog space of others – from the heart with ranting please.

  2. I understand where you’re coming from, but I don’t believe anything will change other than the quality itself getting better. Awards, books, mentions in major newspapers and so forth are goals for any writer/blogger/hack but I don’t think anyone will be trying to be seminal (how does one do that?!) but they may just take extra care to dot their Ts and cross their Is.
    Ah you know what I mean.
    I can testify to this as when I wrote the Apu piece, I had no clue about 2005: Blogged or other blogs, I simply wanted to write something to kick off my blogging career. Yet that’s the post that’s proved most popular!

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