#RoyalWedding, #RoyalWedding

Following the technique of Kate Fox News, I thought I would ‘crowd source’ a poem about the Royal Wedding announcement.  It is a good time to remind ourselves of ‘Do Not Exceed The Stated Dose‘ too.

#RoyalWedding, #RoyalWedding
Look how quick the news is spreading

I’m really pleased for Kate and Will
But will the tax payers foot the bill?

Gawd bless’ em, *reach for tissues*
Newspapers plan their special issues

Al Quaida rubbing hands with glee
I’ll do the photos for a reasonable fee.

Middleton to marry to some balding toff
But do you think we get a day off?

Twitter is in meltdown. Just don’t get it.
Frankly I just don’t give a shit

China plate makers at the ready!
Oh I do hope it will be on the telly

Ooo Ooo! Whoop! WOOHOOs!
Today is a good day to bury bad news.

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