Please stop calling George Osborne 'Gideon'

The Chancellor’s terrible parking gives me a chance to say something I’ve been meaning to get off my chest for a while. # Link in context

I get so irritated with those on the Left who insist on calling George Osborne by his middle name, ‘Gideon’.  # Link in context

In doing so, they seek to emphasise his upper-class background, which they believe will discredit him. # Link in context

This is both a dog-whistle and an ad hominem and a piss-poor political tactic. # Link in context

In the USA, Barack Obama is regularly called ‘Hussein’ (his middle-name) by his opponents.  This is a similarly immature attempt to discredit him.  The Left condemns that practice… and I don’t see how deploying the ‘Gideon’ moniker is any different. # Link in context

Worse: the class card can be used in reverse. If the Left legitimises ad hominem attacks on the upper-class, it gives people like down-to-earth, working class Eric Pickles a sheen of credibility as they propose awful policies that hurt the poor. # Link in context

Margaret ”Grocer’s Daughter” Thatcher, and John ”Son of a Music Hall performer” Major derived similar political cover from their backgrounds – a piece of political armour gifted to them by the class warriors of the left. # Link in context

George Osborne’s callous and growth throttling policies would be no more or less harmful if his middle name was Robert, not Gideon. A moratorium on this pettiness, please. # Link in context


Gideon, Class Warrior # Link in context

3 thoughts on “Please stop calling George Osborne 'Gideon'

  1. I think his actual name is Gideon is it not? Anyways, I think it’s more than just a political cheap shot – it’s precisely because his name is Gideon that he is chancellor and is preceisely why he’s protecting his wealth with his fiscal strategy. If he didn’t have such privilage then he wouldn’t be where he is now or acting as he is. I think it should be highlighted and mocked so that other, less fortunate, people can stand a chance and we get rid of these careers politicians who are all from the same eton clique with the power to protect their friends and their wealth.

  2. I thought it was more to do with comparisons with Gideon Gono, hapless finance chief of Zimbabwe who hyperinflated his country’s currency out of existence?

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