Seen Sign

Sign spotted at a friend’s house, in the smallest room in the house, no less. Made me think of blogging.

I know that you believe
you understood
what you think I said,
I am not sure
you realise that
what you heard is
not what I meant.

3 Replies to “Seen Sign”

  1. Wow! That pretty much sums up my communication skills. Is it just that I am an engineer? Did I mean that?
    Perhaps if I am honest I would add …
    “… As I am not sure
    that I know
    what I really meant”
    Bye the way, I must say that you’re doing a fine job with your blog.
    I recently adapted a blog for our local Scout Group, have a look at . It’s not quite finished but it’s almost there. This also explains why I haven’t updated my blog recently. I have had some comments from an anonymous female – I have a good idea who it is 😉

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