Does my RSS feed work

I wonder if anyone subscribes to my site via RSS? If so, I would appreciate a confirmation (in the comments or otherwise) that it is indeed working. In the past few days I have come to suspect that maybe it is malfunctioning.
Many thanks in advance.
As the comments prove, it does indeed seem to be working. Many thanks again!

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  1. Many thanks for the comments, folks. I think I can rest easy…
    GR – RSS is the little file that you can ‘subscribe’ to, which summarises recent articles. It means you don’t have to continously check a load of websites to see if new articles have been posted. In effect, those articles ‘come to you’. You can subscribe to RSS files using online tools such as Bloglines, or use a dedicated RSS reader alongside your browser. Some browsers such as Safari and Firefox integrate RSS bookmarks into the browser, which I find very convenient indeed.
    It do not think it would be out of place to say that RSS is one of the main reasons why blogging has become so popular in recent years.

  2. Granny Rose is worried about betraying her age 🙂
    No offence, but the “granny” suffix might give it away a little bit. Perhaps if you changed your name to Kid Rose, you’d have less to worry about? What’s wrong with age anyway?

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