Whining on the left, whining on the right

If there’s one thing worse than a whining lefty, its a whining righty, whining about how all lefties are whiners. Over at The Devil’s Kitchen, DK takes issue with the idea that the British (and specifically, the English) should overcome their delusions of grandeur.

I think that one of the things that I dislike about Lefties is their absolute fucking debilitating misery; for Lefties everything is awful and unfair, and the world is a horrible place because we filthy, wasteful, greedy humans inhabit it.

This is a variation on the ‘self-hating white liberal’ cliche, and it really doesn’t stick. To repeat myself: Just because we might feel ‘guilty’ about the evils of our own history, that does not mean we cannot celebrate and take pride in the positive aspects too. While we are indeed pissed off with “filthy, wasteful, greedy humans” it does not mean we cannot or do not delight in the amazing things that humanity does achieve.
Indeed, wonder at humanity’s capacity to achieve great things is the foundation for the Left-whiners’ obsession with equal opportunity. If half of the world’s population are living in poverty, then somewhere there is a Hendrix, dying of AIDS in a Zimbabwean township. Somewhere in Glasgow there is an Einstein, overdosing on heroin. There exist people who are born to fail, and no amount of hard work or focus will allow them to escape the downward spiral. Yes, this makes me miserable, but it is not a prior state of mind. The misery is borne of a lament for humanity’s wasted generations. I feel bad about it, but it is a noble shame.
Nor do I wallow in this misery, and neither does Chicken Yoghurt, the target of DK’s ire. If Justin complains from time to time, it is nevertheless a wholly pro-active complaint, and ultimately a positive thing.
In the same post, the idea of tribalism is invoked as a reason for why we should co-operate to make Britain great again. This tribalism is a result of our evolution from lower primates, says DK. However, he also points out that:

This planet and its inhabitants are a tool for humankind to advance itself: no other creature even comes close to our capabilities.

And this is precisely the point. We have evolved to a stage where we do not need to behave like animals anymore. Tribalism is not politics. It is not about ideas, just random geography. We have evolved to the stage where we should be able to overcome these tribal differences. With the birth of every mixed-race child, with every child born to parents of different nationalities, the tribes mix. The fact is, we shall soon reach the point where there is only homo sapien, and nothing more.
This is an anathema to many right-whiners, who are in thrall to tradition and want to preserve their little clubs/countries. While paying lip-service to the idea of free markets and unfettered investment, they deny the labour market the chance to move in the same way. Instead, ideas of tradition and Way Of Life are invoked to first keep people at home… and then again at the very moment they perceive “another tribe” moves in next door! If we are to itemise ‘ Reasons Why People Piss Me Off’ then the attitude of many right-whiners to ‘The Other’ would be top of my list.
DK asks us to unite and make Britain great again. Why so little ambition? If you’re going to be a benevolent dictator, you may as well conquer the entire world. Borders hamper free-trade, stopping human beings from interacting, trading and working with one-another. Abolish them, and allow innovations in one place to more easily foster progress elsewhere.
More on nationality coming soon… DK continues the debate over at his place. There are a few interesting comments there on the nature of human ‘tribalism’ and whether we can, indeed, overcome it.

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  1. It’s a great point, Robert. Surely right wingers most oily trait. Their coercion of everyone else to open up their services/markets/resources to ‘competition’ a.k.a ‘exploitation’, whilst digging a moat round their own pathetic little pile.

  2. Can there be such a thing as a noble shame? Isn’t it a contradiction in terms?
    Quite possibly. “Noble misery” may be better, but “shame” read better, I thought.

  3. Just got to point out, “homo sapiens” is not a plural. I’m sure you know that Sapiens, meaning wise, is the nominative singular form of the adjective, agreeing with the nominative form of the noun (homo) meaning man. What we should strive to evolve into therefore is not homo sapien, but homo sapienter (wiser).
    V.interesting and inspiring post though.

  4. I don’t believe that Latin is very highly prized, otherwise more people would still be taught it. Then again, maybe it’s *because* so few modern people have studied it that it is prized. Personally, I take the former position. Not only do plenty of people not know what homo sapiens means, but most of them don’t particularly care either. Same goes for homo sexual and paediatrician, it would seem…
    I hope PG isn’t dead.

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