The blogging hive mind at work again? I’ve just returned from a hair-raising, hair-removing, cut-throat, quintuple-hyphenated hot-shave by a Latvian on Leith Walk, and what do I see but a post from Jenks at The Thames on his issues with razor-blades. He mentiones that he has bought a new six-bladed razor, which I did not know existed.
All I can say is: Life imitates satire.

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  1. It may never stop. Just as the number of blades will tend towards infinity, so the size of the blades will become infinitely small, thereby counteracting the limitations imposed by facial contours and human strength to lift the thing.

  2. The only hot shave i ever had was on Easter Road in Edinburgh. It was scary, and by a scottish turk guy, who was sort of new at it. he did this weird massage, and lit matches in my hears, and bent my arms around.
    i’m not sure the shave was closer than the one i do at home with the things i buy at the store, but it was worth the….10 pounds?

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