A couple of my posts from the past year have made it into the 2007 blog digest, edited by Justin McKeating of Chicken Yoghurt fame.

“A brilliant collection” – Boris Johnson
“the only book I’ve ever read that covers mint sauce and the war in Iraq. Genius.” – Emma Kennedy

My two posts are ‘Encountering the Submerged’, and ‘Why Are We Wasting Our Time With This Shit?’. Both were written and posted fairly spontaneously in response to things that actually happened, which rather blows my Heisenblogged thesis out the water.

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  1. Yeah, there are a fair few with more than one, so I’m not that special.
    Have to say that the royalty situation is a bit hazy. Would have demanded at least 5% of the gross, but they’re knocking me back. Will probably have to track down that McKeating fellow in Brighton and get a beer off him for each article.

  2. A great little book which I feel sure is the sort of item that will be very popular as a ‘stocking filla’ this Christmas. Well done on your contributions.

  3. Of course, but its under a Creative Commons licence, so people can reproduce it on a not-for-profit basis.
    If raging capitalists like McKeating there want to publish it in a book and make money, then, well, they have to ask my permission. Which of course, he did, and I gave.

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