Attempts On His Cake

Layers of sponge, layers of meaning: My mother does a fantastic line in meta-cakes. Last year, we had the Famous Blog Cake. This year, we have a representation of the theatre production I have been working on, rendered in the medium of icing and lego.
Attempts on His Cake
The show combines film and live performance, where the characters conjure “seventeen scenarios for the theatre”. So my birthday cake is, in fact, a rendering in icing of a rendering on film of a rendering on stage of an imagined story. That’s at least four layers, which works out at two-per sponge tier.
I particularly enjoyed the inclusion of the little man with the beard and computers, standing off-stage/cake. It is meant to be me.
In fact, I was presented with the cake by means of a short video, e-mailed to me while I was at work. Given the context, it was the perfect combination of medium and message. It is unfortunate that the sublime wit might not be apparent to anyone other than myself, but I sincerely believe it was a very clever creation.

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  1. You should put the video on YouTube, so we can get a better feel for it.
    I think there is a fifth layer too, which is the psychodynamic milieu of the mind of martin crimp, which is rendered in the imagined story, which is rendered on stage, which is rendered on film, which is rendered in cake and lego. I blame his mother.

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