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  1. Such an evocative photograph. Brings to mind Eskimo Day. And then as I think further Elvis’ farewell to Old Shep . As Clarice says, a nice tribute Rob.

  2. So sorry to hear this sad news. A great family friend and we always valued his pitch invasions! Off to pastures new with old friends. Bet he is already saying hello to Bart, Bonnie and Corrie.

  3. Its difficult to express how much Rocky meant to me. I’m proud to say that he was a member of my family and that he had a fantastic life and a peaceful end. I will always remember him, the hundreds of walks, the fun at home and his comical character! I can’t believe he wont be there to greet me when I come home. I will miss him so much and will always feel I little empty without him.
    love you ‘the darling’! x

  4. Personal highlight has to be Rock licking his way through an unattended biscuit barrel which Price then tucked into when he arrived late for the footie….. A legend who will be sorely missed by so many people.

  5. An immense hole is left which will never be filled.
    I will miss him more than words can say
    It is heartbreaking to know we will never again see his lovely face but he is safe now. I hope he knew how much he meant to us all and how he truly enriched our lives for fifteen and a half years. Thank you Rockstar xxx

  6. I don’t know what to say. I truly am so gutted he’s gone. What a boy, what a comedy character, what a friend and integral part of my life. As i’m hating discovering now, he could fill an empty house and coming home to that smiling face and wagging tail never lost its pleasure. The one time he left a ‘package’ in my room (which i trod on) aside, too many good times to mention! I’m goona miss you mate x

  7. I was very sad to hear your news about Rocky, My Mum forwarded me the email
    straight away which just goes to prove how many people cared about him. I
    remember the first time I saw him and how much I laughed seeing him cause so much destruction everywhere he went!

  8. Our hearts go out to you all at the sad news of Rocky. He had the best smile and sweetest nature and gave so much joy. We all loved him too and share your tears

  9. I was so sorry to hear about Rocky. He was lovely, gentle dog who always had a friendly sniff for everyone.
    Like Oskar, Rocky was a dearly loved dog who had a great life and the best possible end. When you feel a bit less raw I’m sure you will find that thought a comfort – I know I did.

  10. It still hasn’t sunk in that little rox is gone, I have to stop myself talking to him as I come through the front door and find myself wondering where he is to have a cuddle. He was the best dog anyone could ever have and I miss him so much. I loved his little smile and his sneeze when he did it too much. I also loved his absolute craziness if a fox entered ‘his’ garden! He was indeed a comedy character.
    Even though his body is no longer here, he will always be a part of my life. I hope he’s enjoying chasing bonnie and that barty isn’t giving him too much competition!
    I love you Rocky and I miss you xxx

  11. tom gave me this link, it’s a lovely tribute to the old chap. Rocks, what a gem. sharp mansion will never quite be the same. how i will miss his grin and his claws on my feet…Rocky and Sadie were the subjects of most early convo’s between me and tom and i must say they continue to be so right to this very day. hope you’re all coping, it does get better.
    Charls x

  12. Rocky was named after David Rocastle that great Gooner.He was a pedigree cross (black Labrador/Dalmation) and acquired the best characteristics of both those breeds. He was loyal,trusting and friendly and he was bouncy in the way that a tigger is bouncy. Perhaps in his early years he was sometimes a little too bouncy, but he was never aggressive or fierce. (He was a hopeless guard dog!) He could always be trusted with children, and his two party pieces: his smiling and his ‘On trust’ with food never failed to amuse.
    He was part of my family for 15yrs. He watched and helped my children to grow from children into adults. He was an integral reason as to why they have grown to be the people they are, because they have learnt tolerance,respect and to love and be loved without reservation.
    I will miss our walks (and his equanimity in the face of my frequent stopping to birdwatch-he didn’t often give my presence away).
    At the end, he knew it was his time. He was surrounded by all his family and he passed away so calmly and peacefully.
    Thank you, Rox, for all the happiness you have brought to our lives. x

  13. I only met Rocky a few times whilst collecting Kathy. His face told a thousand stories especially if he was to be left alone. I konw how much you all treasured him and what a wonderful life you gave him. In time what memories. I love your tributes. Thinking of you all.

  14. Hi Everyone, Just To Let you Know I’m Thinking Of Rocky – I Met Rocky When I Was Pregnant With Connor And Baby Sitting At Westover. Rocky Was A Puppy And Connor Was Kicking Him [From The Inside] I’ll Always Remember Him Looking At Me And Thinking ‘Why Are You Kicking Me?’ Bless Him.
    He Used To Love Me Coming To Your House And Gave The Game Away – Because He Knew When He Saw Me I’d Give Him Something To Eat.
    God Bless You Rocky, You’ll Be Missed
    Hey Everyone, I Was So Sad When I Found Out About Dear Old Rocky. I’ve Got Lots Of Memories Of Him, From When I Used To Go With Mum To See Kathy. He Was Always Up To Play, And Was Always So Affectionate, A Lovely Dog. It Always Makes Me Laugh Remembering When He Stole My Wine Gums From My Lunch Box When I Wasn’t Looking. You’ll Be Missed Dearly Rocky, Things Won’t Be The Same With The Sharpe’s Now.

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