Here we have the typical, pretty much index-case example of a Web 2.0 internet startup: Wigadoo. (One of the directors is a friend of mine).
Basically, it acts as a sort of escrow service, to allow groups of people to avoid awkward financial shenannigans when booking holidays. I hear they already have some kind of deal with LastMinute.com.
If they found a way to make it work for resident’s committees and communal stairwells, then I reckon it would take them only a matter of weeks before they pretty much take over Scotland, which is full of tenement blocks with leaky roofs. At present, most residents wait for the council to place a Statutory Notice on their building, and pay the council individually for communal work (the council takes a heafty administration fee, obviously).
It would also be handy for All Tomorrow’s Parties, which only sells group tickets.

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