Happy Clampers

The logo for National Clamps
The logo for National Clamps

Everything about the logo for National Clamps – the name, the artwork, the font, the slogan, and especially the exclamation mark – made me laugh.


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  1. This happened to my friend yesterday so was looking it up (trying to excuse my google procrastination) – since may 2005 it has been illegal to clamp anyone on private land without a license yet obviously the organisation flashpark https://www.flashpark.co.uk/) seem to think its not enough for a company like national clamps to have the licenses and deal with ‘unlawful’ parking themselves and are making it available to anyone to take these matters into their hands – a nice little addition for ‘environmental volunteers’ to add to their arsonry.
    I dont know where the actual legalities are written but this article seems to sum it up well in a case where the clampers were eventually sued: -http://www.swarb.co.uk/lawb/genClampersBiteDust.shtml

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