Gay Marriage in America

The state legislature of Vermont has just voted to extend the right to marry, to homosexual couples.  Meanwhile in Iowa, the state supreme Court has ruled that denying gays the right to marry is unconstitutional.   If you believe Andrew Sullivan, then the floodgates have opened in America and gays are finally nearing the promised land that is  full equality.  However, Nate Silver of FiveThirtyEight predicts that it will take a little longer for some of the deep south states to vote in favour.  His model says that Mississippi would not liberalise until 2024.
Predictably, there is a backlash from the socially conservative segment in American society.  The most intellectually inept I have seen comes from Michael Savage at WorldNet Daily:

There is a rising tide of pink fascism in this country, and it comes as a result of the election of Barack Hussein Obama.

The I think the ‘Hussain’ meme, which implies that the President is a secret Muslim, offers increasingly diminishing returns.  That some columnists in America are still earnestly deploying it is quite, quite sad.  However, to use it in the same sentence as the ‘pink fascism’ slur makes no sense whatsoever.

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  1. Indeed, but by a sliver of a margin, showing that public opinion is shifting in favour of equality. The model a FiveThirtyEight suggests that if a ballot were to be held next year, then the Prop 8 decision would likely be reversed. There is also the possibility that Prop 8 would be declared incompatible with other laws by the US Supreme Court.

  2. I was in California when the Prop. 8 vote happened and there was widespread evidence that the vote was “bought”: not in an unsophisticated Jeb Bush way, but the “yes” faction raised huge amounts of money, and spent it busing evangelicals around California to tell voters that voting ‘no’ would mean legalising lessons advocating homosexuality in schools and something called ‘compulsory gay marriage’ (unclear as to compulsory for whom). They also bought ads and put out the message — specifically African-American, church-going voters — that Barack Obama supported Prop. 8, even though he had specifically called for California voters to vote ‘no.’
    I was tickled ‘pink’ by this story in today’s Guardian: “The US has developed a quirky tradition of Easter Monday egg-rolling across the White House lawn. This has been given a progressive twist this year by President Obama, who this year invited gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender organisations to join in.”
    Pink egg-rolling with a crypto-Muslim president on the White House lawn! Iowa legalises gay marriage! Can’t wait for Rush Limbaugh to explode about this one — hopefully literally.

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