Two Missing Posters

Two variations on a theme. First, a bizarre missing poster from the streets of Islington

Balboa Jones went missing in Lewisham
Balboa Jones went missing from Lewisham

This seems so brazen, I have a suspicion its actually some kind of sneaky viral advertising campaign for something. Or Balboa Jones might indeed be missing. Either way, I have no qualms about allowing the telephone number to remain visible.

Meanwhile, here’s a Missing Poster of Madeleine McCann, seen in Preveza airport in Greece, amongst a dozen or so other similar posters. It was slightly surprising to see these iconic yet unsettling images again. We lived with them for a long time, but recently she’s disappeared from view.
Missing Poster of Madeline McGann, seen in Greece
Missing Poster of Madeleine McCann, seen in Greece

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  1. I don’t think it’s viral advertising. The wording of it makes me think it is something more sinister: “I am one person that really wants to get him back”…

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