The True Little Tramp

Remember that anti-war cinefilm footage I posted to YouTube last year?  I’m pleased to say that people are beginning to find a use for it.  Film-maker Jack Brindelli included the footage in his fascinating video essay, The True Little Tramp.

In February 1914, in a time of economic turmoil and international conflict, Charlie Chaplin walked onto screens for the very first time as the beloved Little Tramp character. 100 years later, with homelessness on the rise, massive cuts to social security, and an uncaring government trying desperately to drag the country to war once more, Jack Brindelli and friends consider what the Tramp’s legacy can teach us in modern times.

Brindelli reminds us that Charlie Chaplin’s work is a challenge to the elites – not only in 1914, when Chaplin first appeared on film, but in the modern era when the establishment is engaged in whitewashing and revising our history.
My footage is at about 1 minute 50 seconds and I even get a mention in the credits.  Thanks Jack.
I had forgotten about that Charlie Chaplin speech in The Great Dictator.  Wonderful stuff.

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