The contents of my 'draft posts' folder

Oh Lordy Lordy, I have 53 separate blog posts sitting unpublished in the drafts section of this website. None are in a state to be published, but I thought I would post the titles for your examination.
Ten years ago, Michelle Kazprzak did the same thing, which is where I got the idea. She wrote:

It’s pure blog purgatory, where I toy with some of these posts once every few months, but they never reach a postable state. In fact, most of these drafts are just titles, with no body to them at all, or body text consisting of one line to remind me what the post should be about. This paucity of text combined with the passage of time (every day a small sip of the water of Lethe), makes the probability that these posts will ever be completed quite low. The titles of these unfinished posts confront me each time I open my blog software as a series of blazing headlines demanding attention. The last time I looked at them all, it occurred to me they might be worth sharing in and of themselves

Just as ancient shopping lists give historians insights into lives past, so this litany may actually be a good representation of my addled mind.
Perhaps other people should do the same?

  1. Is pragmatism a moral abrogation?
  2. The needle returns to the start of the song and we all sing along like before
  3. There comes a point where you master the video game
  4. the tension between direct democracy and representative democracy.
  5. A quick thought about Trump and the protests against him
  6. Auto generated maps and names
  7. Glued to our phones, and that’s fine actually
  8. #selfies killed the autograph
  9. History and the pastness of the past
  10. Answer to what have you got to hide? question
  11. Review: The Election (ITV)
  12. “Hurrah for the Blackshirts!”
  13. Trump’s Bullshitting Affectation
  14. The Internet of the Dead
  15. Now Do You See Why We Moan About The Slippery Slope?
  16. On Punching White Supremacists
  17. Openness, in Love as in Counter-Terrorism Policy, Leaves Us Vulnerable, And That’s OK
  18. Meta
  19. Zuckerberg doesn’t want to censor us… He just can’t be bothered not to
  20. Moby on Ageing
  21. Wouldn’t you just kill for a bit of political correctness right now?
  22. Sticks and Stones May Break My Bones, but Words Will Fucking Kill Me
  23. Get A Thicker Skin
  24. Iterating Away From Stupid
  25. Assisted dying and the risks to human rights
  26. The Trade Union Bill and the Overton Window
  27. Why can’t everyone be a bit better?
  28. Liz Kendall and modern political language
  29. Can we airbrush a Prime Minister out of history as easily as a TV star?
  30. On pragmatism in election campaigns
  31. How to talk about structural inequality
  32. Nasheed
  33. Nick Clegg, the only man who understands politics
  34. We are more aware of sexism than ever before
  35. Redistribution of wealth is what makes our Kingdom United
  36. Two New York Times articles on #Gaza
  37. More social media prosecutions
  38. Book design clichés
  39. REGEX
  40. Technological progress
  41. Depiction of the Media in House of Cards
  42. Hate Speech
  43. Hardworking families
  44. SoundCloud update their Terms of Service regarding ‘offence’
  45. In defence of food tweeting
  46. Steam punk and retro aesthetic design
  47. On piracy DRM etc
  48. Anti-semitic cartoons and the art of persuasion
  49. Liminal Spaces
  50. Borges and Godel Escher Bach
  51. God, Religion, Spirituality as Metaphor
  52. On not flicking the switch
  53. Social Exclusion at the Top


Exercising similar dæmons, I was impressed with the choice of publisher Jurassic London (my publisher, no less) to list all the books that never happened at the end of their farewell anthology The Extinction Event. They all sound amazing.

Detail of a oage from 'The Extinction Event'
Detail of a page from ‘The Extinction Event’

The image I’ve used to illustrate this post is by ReginaldJean on DeviantArt. Its licenced Creative Commons.

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