A Thousand and One Recaps: April

I have not posted much here this month, because I’ve been posting a lot over at A Thousand And One Recaps, my close reading of The Arabian Nights.

Here are links to the recaps posted so far.

Prelude: Shahrazad’s selfless gamble

Nights 1 to 18: Keep Talking

Nights 19 to 33: Manic Pixie Dream Dowry

Nights 34 to 44: Shahrazad’s Emerging Voice

Nights 45 to 89: The Arabian nights does Game of Thrones

Nights 90 to 145: The Wrath of Dhat al-Dawahi

Night 107 to 137: The Blind Dates of Taj al-Majuk and Aziz

Night 146 to 152: Allegories Abound

Night 153 to 169: The Lovesickness of ‘Ali Ibn Bakkar and Shams Al-Nahar

Nights 170 to 249: Men Going Their Own Way


I’ve also posted a few additional blog posts on specific matters.

The Arabian Nights and Free Speech

Translating problematic attitudes

A Mental Note Note About The Hero’s Journey

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