Talking About Coronavirus Testing Inefficiencies on the BBC

I have some mild coronavirus-like symptoms. Its probably nothing, but now everyone in our household needs a test. Life and work are on hold while we struggle to get an appointment, and then wait for the results.
Yesterday morning I spoke to Vanessa Feltz on the BBC Radio London Breakfast show about my frustrations. You can listen below or on SoundCloud. The full show is available on BBC Sounds for 30 days.

My main point was that the government cannot jump-start the economy if securing a test is so difficult, and if it takes a week or more to secure a probably-negative result.
I also had a bit of a moan about the government’s confusing and inconsistent approach to pandemic regulations.
Following the discussion, I also recorded a short video clip that was included in the BBC London TV news bulletins. You can watch it below, or on YouTube. The full news bulletin will be available on the BBC website and iPlayer for the next 24 hours.

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