This is Robert Sharp’s eponymous blog. I write about freedom of expression, multiculturalism, the nature of political debate, and the impact of digital technology on our lives and cultures.

I write for several other political blogs, including Comment is Free and Liberal Conspiracy, although to be honest with you anything I blog elsewhere also gets cross-posted here. I have a Flickr page, a YouTube channel and Commonplace Book on Tumblr and a profile on Medium.  All of that is filtered through Twitter, where I go by the name @robertsharp59. My colleagues and I also maintain the @englishpen Twitter stream too.

I work as Head of Campaigns at English PEN, but obviously I write here in a strictly personal capacity, so please don’t extrapolate my views to those of my employer. Anything attributable to English PEN will be found on its organisational website.

I was formerly director of the TONY award winning digital design and film company 59 Productions (@59productions) where I worked on several film and theatrical projects. If you need an approved biography and/or photo for some sort of speaking engagement or event, then you can download this handy ZIP file [2Mb].

Public keys for encrypted e-mail may be found here.

To my great irritation, I am not the Independent features writer Rob Sharp or the photographer Robert D. Sharp, despite sharing interests with both. There is something fascinating about the exploits of people with the same name as oneself.  You can catch up on the planet’s other Robert Sharps via this Twitter list.