My novella The Good Shabti was published in 2015 and was nominated for the Shirley Jackson Prize. The hardback edition is now all sold out, but the ebook is still available. The story was also reprinted in The Mammoth Book of the Mummy.

The Good Shabti works wonderfully. Several days later, and my excitement for this story still hasn’t abated. The past is equally as alive as the present, two worlds inhabited by characters that are vividly brought to life in few words. It’ll leave you wanting more – that’s the nature of a novella – but it also ensures that no word is wasted, making this the ideal story for its length.
Alister Davison, Fantasy Faction

Sharp carries readers through two fascinating worlds to an unexpected and deeply satisfying conclusion.
Jake Marley, This Is Horror

The sense of dread builds in both ages until there is a clash that I did not see coming. Great story.
Exit, Pursued by a Bear

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01001001 01000011 01000101‘ is a short story published on Pornokitsch (March 2018). Can you decode the hidden message?

Sharp continues to bring a tremendous attention to detail and craftsmanship to his work
James Weber, alligators and aneurysms

Round Trip‘ was first performed as a spoken work piece at Unsung Live 2, subsequently published in Crises and Conflicts(NewCon Press, 2016)

Robert Sharp delivered another love story delineated by a geographical restriction, this one of the entire universe, which it turns out just isn’t big enough after all… and a twist I want to tell you about but won’t in the hope that this piece will be published. Delivery of this story was interesting as well, with Robert sitting and chatting to the audience as if he was the narrator. This approach set up a good SF tension between what is real and what isn’t that inadvertently rhymed with the themes of the opening story.
Andrew Wallace

Frozen Out‘ appeared in We Need To Talk (Jurassic London, 2015) an anthology of difficult conversations, published for The Eve Appeal.

My Short story ‘(0,0)’ appears in the Crossroads collection (Jurassic London, 2012), republished on the Pornokitsch website and reprinted in their anthology The Extinction Event (2017).

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