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I run a small independent publishing project, Sabrina Press.  Through this imprint I have published The World of An Insignificant Woman: the Life of Hilda Marjory Sharp by Catherine Thackray. A project diary and self-publishing HOWTO are available on a separate project blog:

I am currently seeking collaborators to help expand the project further. In particular, the devising of teaching resources to accompany the book, and translations. If you can help in any way, please get in touch via the comments box below.

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  1. Hi Robert,
    Thanks for the mapping of postcode to region on your website, potentially useful to me.
    One technical point of order: your mappings are not on postcode ‘districts’; they are post code ‘areas’.
    In S40 4BU:
    Area =S,
    District = S40,
    Sector = S40 4,
    Unit = S40 4BU.
    Remember ADSU (“Add Sue”).
    Kind regards,

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