Photography Course in London

Southwark, London. Photo by yrstrly.
Southwark, London. Photo by yrstrly.

In September I attended a fantastic two-day intensive photography course, run by Derek Linney of Take Better Pictures.  The course took in ideas of composition, framing and subject matter, as well as a wealth of technical tips.  The class size was very small, with plenty of opportunity to ask questions and have each of our experimental photographs critiqued.
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Two Missing Posters

Two variations on a theme. First, a bizarre missing poster from the streets of Islington

Balboa Jones went missing in Lewisham
Balboa Jones went missing from Lewisham

This seems so brazen, I have a suspicion its actually some kind of sneaky viral advertising campaign for something. Or Balboa Jones might indeed be missing. Either way, I have no qualms about allowing the telephone number to remain visible.
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Woolwich Common, 9am
Woolwich Common, 9am

The snow is an equalising force, and not just because its free. It also serves to cover up the mess and the shit of the city. But 36 hours after the snow stopped falling, its already melted away in central London, where I assume the heat of the traffic and the buildings turned it to mulch pretty quickly. Out in the boroughs, however, the vast array of public spaces are still blessed white.
It will be the snowmen who last the longest. They are packed thicker than the ground snow, with less surface area exposed. Passing through Blackheath Common yesterday morning, I enjoyed the sight of a few dozen mounds, decapitated snowmen, monuments to Monday’s frolicking. Free from the humdrum of work for a day, how interesting that we suddenly come over all pre-historic, and construct a set of monoliths, our very own snowhenge. I wonder if they are arranged along ley-lines?
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Keeping an Eye on Things

I’m at the Liberal Democrat Party conference with the SMF (Labour next week). I wandered over to the Eye Health Alliance stand, where they took a picture of the inside of my eye.

Robert's Left Eye, showing the cornea, foeva, capillaries and nerves
Robert’s Left Eye, showing the cornea, foeva, capillaries and nerves

An eye examination can provide an early warning for many conditions, including brain tumours. The picture of my eye was later examined by Liberal Democrat MP Dr Evan Harris, who gave my eyes a clean bill of health.