Inbox Zero

Happy New Year!
I am going to bait the Bull of Fate by waving a big red New Year Resolution, which is this: I shall attempt to practice the Inbox Zero method in 2013.  It is essentially a common-sense mindset that prevents thousands of messages building up in your inbox, and (more importantly) makes you more productive and pro-active. Continue reading “Inbox Zero”

Unfinished Business

Both my regular readers will remember I sometimes post short pieces of creative writing on the site. The last two have featured a blogging sleuth, Ebeneezer. I have another Ebeneezer story in the works, based on the Infininte Monkey theorem and this cartoon from XKCD.
The story begins by talking about earthquakes and has a sizeable portion of it devoted to a bombing in Jerusalem.  So, given events in Japan and Israel, one might think that now is either the most appropriate, or least appropriate time to post it.
This is an academic question, however, as the story isn’t finished, and has not been ever since I started typing it about five years ago.  This horrible thought in turn makes me realise just how many creative and personal projects I have started but failed to finish. They include:

And none of these take into account the work-centred To Do lists I have set up on Vo02Do, Remember the Milk and Wunderlist.
All this makes me acutely aware of the fact that Dr Belbin would call me a Plant or Resource Investigator, not a Completer Finisher.  Let’s hope that this post motivates me to finish some of the things I’ve started.