Armistice Day

Pure blue skies. People in anoraks and kilts gather in a traffic island, next to a pub and a billboard that advertises insurance. Vehicles stream past, ignoring the throng.
Then, at one minute to eleven, the policemen step confidently into the road to stop the traffic. The pedestrians pause and look towards the gathering in the centre of the junction. A lone piper plays The Last Post. The traffic lights keep changing, from green, to red, to amber, and back to green again. But nothing moves.

2 Replies to “Armistice Day”

  1. As always I found this morning’s rememberance day ceremony very moving. But I wondered how Tony Blair can reconcile his action in gravely placing a wreath at the Cenotaph with his action in taking us into a war which has and is creating more deaths we will have to remember.

  2. There are those who would argue that commemorating Armistice Day perpetuates the false and empty promise of death or glory peddled by war-mongers to so many mothers’ sons. An annual apology from the government for every death caused by its wars would be better and more truthful.
    I like what Rob has written, but it isn’t clear to me what he took away from his experience. What is the framework of meaning into which to place such a spectacle?

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