The system works

The Telegraph reports that a frenchman imprisoned four girls in his flat to ‘teach them Islam’ – His wife and children.
I found this story via G-Gnome and DK, titled ‘More Integration Fun’ by the latter. Some pertinent reasons for why the fanatic in question acted as he did are suggested there.
This will undoubtedly be heralded by some as yet more evidence that Multicultural Europe Does Not Work, and that somehow our values and laws are being undermined by the immigrants. I see it as evidence for the opposite viewpoint. This story is an example of how western values are alive and well in Europe. Here a man has failed to take into account the values and laws of his host country, and has been prosecuted as a result. Good. This is what we would demand and expect, as would the French taxpayers, I’m sure. Move along then, nothing to see here.
A clear example of failure to integrate this certainly is… though whether it is anything to do with the multicultural debate, I am not so sure. ‘Man Who Imprisoned Four Girls In The Name of Islam Not Prosecuted’ would be a more worrying story, as would ‘Arson At Mosque Shows Obvious Moral Depravity of Entire Host Culture’.
In an increasingly globalised world, immigration of people and cultures will increase, something we must come to terms with. During this process, there will be resistance from the incumbent culture, and a failure to integrate on the part of a few of the newer residents. But both cases will be examples of ‘bad apples’, not examples of the inferiority of one or the other culture. If the legal system holds them to account, in accordance with our democratically created laws, what’s the problem?
Chicken Yoghurt makes a similar point about the hypocrisy of political debate, only better. Spousal abuse in the UK amounts to 104 deaths per year, twice the number inflicted by the London bombers on 7th July 2005. Says Justin of violent men: These monsters live amongst us. Isn’t it incumbent on the male community to weed out the extremists in their midst?

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