21st Century Blonde Joke

Tim Worstall posts a link to, quite possibly, the best blonde joke ever. I tend not to post many one-line links, but this one gets better with every telling.
What makes it great is not the punch-line (a version of which I’ve heard before), but the way in which the very fabric of the internet is woven into the humour.
However, Doctorvee is not impressed.

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  1. Three clicks and I got suspicious – and I think I can be allowed that as your comment was better than most in not giving away the punch line – which I agree is better than the original

  2. Well, call me a dumbo, but what’s so blonde about this joke? Does it mean that brown haired people can’t be part of it too? And would it be as funny if it was, say, an Irish joke? Just a thought.
    *And*, I want to know, where does it start?

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