Facing the Truth

I just saw an episode of Facing the Truth, with Archbishop Desmond Tutu chairing a meeting between the Milltown Cemetary killer Michael Stone, and the family of a Catholic man he helped to murder. In the closing scenes of the programme, the family shook his hand and forgave his crime, and he declared them to be “better people” than he was. Truly amazing.
I have read and highly recommend Tutu’s memoirs of the South African Truth and Reconcilliation Commisison, No Future Without Forgiveness. Read my review.

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  1. Yes, I saw a bit of that too. I saw the woman telling him what she’d had to go through, and I saw his face.
    Like you say, amazing. I wish I’d seen the whole thing.

  2. My response here is to point out that this facing of the truth was done with hindsight, the passage of time, and the experiences that time had dealt both the victim and the perpetrator – I saw another interview also and it was similar – although a different type of crime, the forgiveness shown by Mrs.Walker after the death of her son was again truly amazing.
    Reading other posts and comments on this blog, I am wondering if anything similar will come to pass with the Israelis and Palestians – I doubt in my lifetime.

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