Scientologist Conspiracy

Many people have delighted in the bizarre story that Issac Hayes, ‘Shaft’ singer and the voice of ‘Chef’ on South Park, is to to leave the show after a script satirised his religion, Scientology. Hypocrisy for sure, but I reckon Hayes has unwittingly blown the lid on a shady conspiracy.
Did you know Nancy Cartwright, the voice of Bart Simpson, is also a Scientologist? Clearly, there is a masterplan being enacted by the followers of L Ron Hubbard. These findings prove – without a shadaow of a doubt – that there exists a sinister document named The Protocols of the Elders of Scientology. in one of the protocols, there is an explicit instruction to infiltrate network comedy animated shows, and use them for nefarious means that we can only begin to imagine.
From now on, I will be watching Bart Simposon, to see if he says anything, you know, subversive. Stay alert people, stay alert!


Andrew Sullivan at The Daily Dish makes an interesting comment about religion and humour. “Insecure believers – and they often need fundamentalism to keep their own souls untroubled by doubt – are the touchiest.” Better than my earlier effort I feel.

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