April Blogroll

This is actually the March blogroll, but I have not actually had the time to make the post until now. The best laid plans…
How convenient it is to have people on hand to scrutinise your blog posts. Both The Pedant General at Infinitives Unsplit and Clarice have been taking me to task recently, for woolly thinking, careless throwaways and gaping leaps of logic. Banter here has inspired dear Clarice to update her site at Conceptual Reality to a WordPress blog. She’s already taken a few people to task, namely those that ask for kisses, idolise iPods or watch Star Trek. Perhaps that’s why she’s been quiet at this place.
Doctor Crippen the NHS blog doctor is compelling. Several friends and members of my family are doctors of varying specialisms. I keep forwarding his posts onto them, and his dissection of the NHS management culture is truly clinical.
Both Tim Worstall and The Daily Dish are both well established, and hardly need my endorsement to boost their statistics… However, I read them both daily, and they are always linking to interesting pieces elsewhere. Furthermore, Tim has pioneered the weekly Britblog Round-up, which has been a primary channel for people coming here. Cheers Tim!

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