Extra time, then penalties

Hearts vs GretnaAn afternoon of concentration, watching both the Scottish and English FA Cup Finals simultaneously. Both games were very exciting, end-to-end affairs, and the parallels were many – Red versus White; an under-dog versus a giant; extra-time; and finally, Goliath beating David on penalties.
Last year’s English final also went to extra time and penalties. Then, it was a necessary end to a frustrating final. This year, however, both shoot-outs were testimony to exciting games. Had the stakes been lower, we might have seen the under-dogs fight with less vigour, the favourites more relaxed, and a result determined in 90 minutes. The penalty shoot-outs are a symptom of both teams trying that extra bit harder.

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  1. “the penalty shootouts are a symptom of both teams trying that extra bit harder”
    Could be. In this particular case, I couldn’t comment. But penalty shoot-outs in general could also be a symptom of both teams being equally matched, however hard they are trying, or of both teams not trying at all.

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