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After Munich, back in the ‘1, I lost my visceral dislike of the German football team. Like Argentina and Holland, they have become Just Another Team. I therefore enjoyed the opening match of the World Cup as a neutral, and sat with a pint to enjoy five goals (I missed the first).
German ShirtA designer friend of mine, who usually loathes football, supported the Germans. The reason? Well, the names on the shoulders of the German players are rendered in a nice sans-serif bauhaus font. The Costa Ricans, on the other-hand, have chosen a truly horrible Comic Sans Bold.
Let’s just hope the England team shirts have proper kerning. Poor typography could – once again – cost us the tournament.

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  1. Strange this has come up – whilst watching football recently with the second of my three sons, I happened to comment “the writing on the back of their shirts is pretty” – a resigned look fell across his face and he said in a rather helpless way – “bit of a girlie comment that” – shows that the Yorkie advert rings true “It’s not for girls” but we actually know it is – “Come on England”

  2. I do find the Yorkie advert pretty offensive. It’s all very well to laugh along with it, and show that you have a “sense of humour”, but would it be ok to sell a chocolate bar by saying “It’s not for Muslims”, or “It’s not for black people”?? I think not.
    And there doesn’t seem to be a way in this country for complaining about what’s on the wrapper. If you want to complain, it has to be a specific billboard or airing of a commercial, and the complaint will be assessed in that context – there is no means to complain about the slogan in general. Isn’t that a case of asymmetrical warfare? I *think* I’d have a case if I took it to the European Court of Human Rights, but I don’t have the time.

  3. “… would it be ok to sell a chocolate bar by saying “It’s not for Muslims”…”
    Well, I suppose that would be an OK slogan for selling beer…
    Personally, I dislike Bauhaus too (especially since the type has been squished) although nothing, nothing, is as unpleasant as Comic Sans. And yet still people use it… Ugh.

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