Asymetrical warriors

Brian Haw
Surely the lone protestor Brian Haw is another example of an asymetrical warrior. Despite harassment, including entire Acts of Parliament against him, he remains firm, and uses every legal weapon at his disposal to keep protesting.
Let us not forget Rosa Parks either. Fighting an “asymetrical” battle can sometimes be a noble thing.

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  1. Although in principle I support is right to protest freely, the man himself is a disgusting individual. He is well known by anyone who has the misfortune to pass him by for slinging racist and anti-semitic bile at anyone who might possibly disagree with his views. Jackie D once wrote on her old blog about an encounter with this man, and it is far from pleasant. Rosa Parks he ain’t.

  2. He may or may not be a disgusting individual, but what he’s doing I think, is crucially important for all of us. He is the last bastion for a right of protest which is now denied to everyone else.
    People are very rarely all good or all bad. I think a lot of good can still be done by people who don’t happen to agree with or understand racial or gender equality (in the latter case, that’s most people)… Baby/bathwater….it’s a tricky one.

  3. And comparing him to Rosa Parks, is at best, laughable.
    Re-read the post: I’m not comparing their ideologies, or personalities. Just giving two examples (one international and historical, the other British and current) of people well know for challenging behemoth political establishments. There’s nothing in my post to suggest that they are politically aligned. Just that they’re both purveyors of asymetrical warfare, as the Pentagon describes it.

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