Two Zizou round-ups

Jarndyce links to a number of posts discussing that headbutt, and analyses the the political victimology of Zizou:

The presumption that Zizou was justified in “retaliation” can only be explained by assuming Materazzi fits the northern European stereotype of the Italian as a racist wop. To those that charge Materazzi with racially abusing Zidane, on the basis of so little evidence, I call right back at you.

The speed at which this particular narrative (is it ‘The Rise and Fall..’, ‘The Fall and Rise…’, ‘Hero to Zero’?) has cycled through its steps is astonishing. On Sunday, Zidane was the villain who lost France the World Cup. Monday and Tuesday was the lip-reading intrigue over what was said. On Wednesday he apologised and by now he is the toast of all France for standing up to racism! It is as if a peice of history has been manufactured at high-speed.
Now it is Friday, and we are into post-modern parodies for laughs. Anil Dash has compiled a movie of the Internet’s best Zidane animations, in the inaugural Zidane World Cup Headbutt Animation Festival. Full circle.

Sunny at Pickled Politics has curated a similar festival. Apologise to the visitors from there who visited here looking for the above linked YouTube video – I accidentally deleted the embed code from the post. Now reinstated…

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  1. I am amazed at how much time, ink, and brainpower has been wasted on analyzing the utterly immature behaviour of two grown men. Thanks Rob, for highlighting the only interesting thing about this situation at all – the rapidity by which this little episode has run its cycle. Here’s hoping the story is dead.

  2. “The presumption that Zizou was justified in “retaliation” can only be explained by assuming Materazzi fits the northern European stereotype of the Italian as a racist wop,” would be a phenomenal piece of propaganda if the internet wasn’t full of that kind of nonsense masquerading as analysis. Confidently-stated, coldly-phrased bullshit laced with illogical, binary opinion.
    My propaganda: I think The Incident was kind of beautiful. I think Materazzi’s behaviour pretty much represents the kind of cuntish, cheating activity that is genuinely destroying football — the kind of cheating that Thierry Henry used to win the free kick that knocked out Spain, that Gerrard and Joe Cole are just as guilty of. Ten minutes left in a perfect career. One chance to butt racism out of football*. Sweet.
    *Obviously it won’t, but it’s a cute phrase.

  3. If there is going to be a SUCCESSOR to Robert Frost then my bet it is going to be you Mr. Robert Sharp- provided you dont loose your FOCUS and dont DECEIVE a women who BELIEVES you so much. It is quite amazing that you still can WRITE so much- that is a MARK of a MAN who wants to BE HIGHLY CIVILISED- EXPRESSION of a THOUGHT is NEVER is a CRIME – as you would AGREE with me from ONE WRITER to another- I hope you don’t LET ME DOWN on the FAITH that I had in you from the FIRST TIME I saw you to the FIRST ARTICLE I read which you wrote- CRAZY CREATIONIST- the fact that you didn’t react to my E-MAIl abou tthe EUROPEAN DEVIL that DWELLS in you- shows the CLASS of an ENGLISHMAN that is in you……it is not the MISTAKES we MAKE Mr. Robert Sharp that is IMPORTANT- but it is how we CORRECT them and we BUILD our LIVES is what HISTORY REMEMEBERS us BY…….MARK my WORDS whether you HATE me or LIKE ME- you will be ONE OF THE GREATEST WRITERS THIS CENTURY WILL SEE……you see Mr. Robert Sharp nobody is an ANGEL…but it is the DEGREE of the DEVIL that DWELLS and how much we play for the PULL and how much we PULL is what the PROFIT and LOSS ACCOUNT is all about…but being BRITISH and me being INDIAN we all UNDERSTAND a SUSPENCE ACCOUNT- THE GREY AREA that EXISTS…..GOOD LUCK

  4. PoliticalCritic- well Zidane is ALEGRIAN MUSLIM IMMIGRANT in a FRENCH CONFUSION-
    The thing with EUROPEANS is well we can make them see the DEVIL that DWELLS inside them and REFORM them that they dont play for the PULL of the DEVIL all the TIME….but with MUSLIMS we got to EXPLAIN what is the DEVIL- as to what is WAR and what is TERROR……perhaps now Zidane does realise what is that PULL and why he did what he DID….

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