Red-eye flights

I was on a 06:40am flight from Heathrow to Edinburgh this morning, run by BMI. It was half full. Also waiting in the departure lounge were passengers for the 06:50am British Airways flight… to Edinburgh.
What a waste of everyone’s resources in the name of consumer choice. I have travelled on British Airways flights before, and the service provided is exactly the fucking same as that provided by BMI, and for the same cost. If only we could pool them into a single service at, say, 06:45am or something.
Perhaps this is something that The State could organise?

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  1. i don’t think the number of passengers makes a significant difference to a plane’s absolute fuel consumption; two 1/2 full planes will use almost 200% of the fuel of one full one ( tells me an A320 uses 655 gallons per hour!).
    Also, the fewer the passengers, the higher the fuel used per passenger…

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