On Leadership at The Sharpener

I have finally got off my arse to write a post for The Sharpener. I’ve been mulling over the idea that the present, apparent impasse in international relations is as much to do with poor leadership as it is to do with the particular ideologies and agendas of the main actors. The post takes in some of the whines I’ve been making about the lack of radical thinking, and also ideas of ‘political capital’ and its erosion. The extent to which our Chief Executive should be a ‘Leader’ as opposed to simply a ‘Governor’ is an open question – Hopefully we will get a few decent comments.

Given my surname, its obviously pleasing to be able to write for The Sharpener. What I’m hoping is that, pretty soon, John Reid will introduce some draconian terror law that allows me to denounce the likes of Donald and Justin as the True Enemy of Right Thinking People Everywhere. Once they’re convicted I’ll be able to impose some kind of junta over the group blog, and gradually phase in a personality cult. Everyone will assume the blog is named after me, just like Arianna Huffington at the Huffington Post.

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  1. If your surname were something like “Woodman-Fitzgammon-Bowling-Green”, and The Sharpener were called The Woodman-Fitzgammon-Bowling-Greenery, then people would assume it was named after you, whether you imposed a junta or not, based upon the rarity of your surname, and through no fault of your own. I’m not sure that the name Huffington doesn’t fit this bill a little bit. Sharp is also a word in its own right, which makes it a little bit different too.

  2. ‘What I’m hoping is that, pretty soon, John Reid will introduce some draconian terror law …’

    Many a true word spoken in jest – my frog-boiler alarm has been ringing for some time now 🙂 (do I get a slap for using a smiley?)

    I guess I’ll have to go and read that piece of yours now. First scan says you get bonus marks for using the word ‘begat’ without quoting the bible.

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