364 days

Well, its been a whole 364 days since my first proper post, where I suggested that we should allow paedophiles to abuse children, and terrorists to bomb trains.
Many thanks to those of you that have stopped by since then. I’ll buy you both a drink at some point.

8 Replies to “364 days”

  1. Now, now, Bert. You know perfectly well there’s more than two of us. Not only that, but you know that we know that you know there’s more than two of us, so that’s just silly. So what I want to know is which two will get the drinks? I would like a Cosmopolitan please.
    I would wish you a bon anniversaire, but a year was 365 days since last I counted, so that would be a trifle premature.

  2. Now then. You know that two of us aren’t the same person. And you know of at least two more who aren’t either. If you’re lucky, those latter two might be tee-totallers, though I suspect one of them could be persuaded to drink a bottle of champagne, possibly a jereboam…

  3. Nope, I’m afraid you missed my teetotal phase of life (unless I hit another later on). I’d have settled for a pint but I’m afraid Clarice has upped the stakes, the champagne is just far more fitting …

  4. So I’m either you in which case you are in conflict with yourself or I am in actual fact me and you’re in conflict with your wallet – either way you’re in conflict. What’s even more amusing is that if I am actually you then all of you must be pretty busy keeping so many blogs going – surely it would have been easier to have deleted the post if we were all you? Only you would have known.
    If it is the wallet conflict then I understand, I’ll settle for a glass of Scottish water. Besides, I’ve enjoyed reading your blog so happy blog birthday – maybe I shall buy you a drink, or is that me??

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