Kriss Donald murder 'racist'

The men who killed Kriss Donald have been sentenced to long prison terms. Kriss was murdered by a gang of Muslim men, in Pollokshields (my old, brief, haunt) in 2004.
In the past, the authorities have been criticised for branding a murder ‘racially motivated’ only when the violence is perpetrated by whites on racial minorities, but not vice-versa. This tendency, say the critics, is a symptom of the Politically Correct malaise that has swept through the country.
It is worth noting that the police had no qualms in making the ‘racially motivated’ categorization in the case of these three thugs.
the killers

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  1. I think you should read the background to the case before casting judgement. The police did not describe the murder as racially motivated because the offenders were asian and the victim was white but because witnesses stated that the gang were specifically looking for a white man, any white man, to attack. If that isn’t racially motivated murder I don’t know what is.

  2. Matt,
    Quite: this was well known by many to be THE classic racially motivated attack and yet it has not been labelled as such – where it received any coverage – by the MSM in advance of this judgement.
    Not at all: the complaint is of double standards. Either label ALL attacks with a racial motive as racist or don’t mention it at all (which would be preferable: murder of this sort is should not be treated differently because of a difference in race, but because there is no discernable motive for the attack on THAT PARTICULAR INDIVIDUAL). Currently we hear only of one side and that is, well, racist.

  3. Sure thing, Matt.
    I’m just comparing it to the case a few months ago where the killers said something like “take that you white bastard” after picking on a random guy, yet the police said it wasn’t racially motivated. Will add the link when I have time to find it…

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