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  1. Good for Edinburgh University. It is an important gesture and worth at least stripping Mugabe of some of his vanity.
    I have wished we could do something that would make a difference since meeting Thabitha Khumalo at an Edinburgh women’s group event last year – she was over raising funds and awareness for the Dignity Period campaign (one of Mugabes more bizarre atrocities was to block the import of sanitary towels and tampons when Zimbabwe’s crashing economy meant they were no longer manufactured at home and that has had dire effects on women’s health and safety).
    Thabitha, a really inspiring woman, a trade unionist who was almost certainly going home to further violent harassment and possible imprisonment, told us that it was very difficult for the UK to make any impact on what was happening in Zimbabwe (quite apart from the Iraq factor) but said it was important to keep up pressure on South Africa.
    I have often wondered how Thabitha is and occasionally search the ACTSA website ( for news. I am not sure how up to date it is. No word of Thabitha but the Dignity Period seems to be making good progress.

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