What, no tension?

I was surprised by the matter-of-fact manner in which the BBC announced Harriet Harman as deputy leader of the Labour Party. I genuinely expected a Pop Idol style build up, with the camera flitting between Johnson, Benn, Blears and the rest… before Ant or Dec or Fearn shouts the winner to fireworks and a shreiking audience.

3 Replies to “What, no tension?”

  1. You’ve brought the news to me, Rob, as I’d forgotten to watch the announcement.
    I don’t know whether I’m more staggered by the lack of Ant and Dec (am I the only person in the country not bowled over by their miniscule cuteness?), or by it being Harriet Harman.

  2. Unbelievable – Browns’ (admittedly already wafer thin) chance of getting my vote has evaporated with the appointment of the High Preistess of political correctness as his deputy dawg. The woman is just awful and epitomises the worse excesss of nu lab.

  3. Oh Matt! – poor Harriet – on her night of victory you are calling her an awful woman- she certainly does not fill me with awe. Found a certain satisfaction in Patricia Hewitt’s resignation though

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