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One thing I have witnessed “first hand” is the anxiety – nay, terror – induced by the shocking MTAS system for appointing junior doctors. Various aspects of the mis-management continue to be discussed in the blogs and in newspapers, including the dumbing-down of the profession and the fact that some people are having to take on lower grade positions.
So, while I can concede that there are dozens of political groups that I could campaign for, I’ve lent my support to the junior doctors at Remedy Scotland by setting up a campaign blog for them. They have quite a focused campaign, with an achievable reform agenda, in a single policy area, so I am hoping that it can be quite incisive. Since so many people in Scotland will be affeced, a fairly disparate group of people will need to be mobilised. I am planning to utilise the full arsenal of Web 2.0 technologies to help spread the message. Expect blog buttons and such things very soon.
Do please visit the site and sign the petition. There is also a protest march planned for mid-July, in Glasgow.

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  1. I am sure you are aware Rob that, although the government did not intend MTAS to be the debacle it has been, they intended to reduce the number of training places. They know doctors are expensive to employ and they are dumbing down the system getting lower paid professionals to do a lot of the work using doctors only for the most complex cases. To some extent they have been aided in this by the other professions who have been keen to expand their areas of expertise. I fear the genie (?! )is out of the bottle and it may not be possible to put it back.

  2. Sure thing. Remedy Scotland is not necessarily arguing against MMC, which is multi-faceted. The primary campaign at present is to better the recruitment procedure.
    Having said that, the reduction of the number of training posts is A Very Big Deal that will surely impact on the way the NHS is run, and the quality of medical care we will recieve. Its right to scrutinise this, and campaign against it where appropriate.

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