Five British Hostages

The final credits of the Panorama programme on Alan Johnston have just rolled. At the end came the message that five British hostages are still missing in Baghdad.

I repeat: Who are they and why is there so little government and media interest in getting them back?

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  1. I decided to write to my local MP too. In my email I directed her to the concerns detailed on your blog. I received a letter from her today and here is her response:

    “Thank you for your email dated 30th October regarding the five Britons kidnapped in Iraq at the end of May.

    I agree with your view that in the months following the kidnap there has been little mention of the incident in the newspapers. As far as I am aware the kidnapped Britons, four of whom are security guards and one computer expert are still missing but are still believed to be alive. It was reported in the British press on 8th October that the US military have arrested three suspected Shi’ite fighters in connection with the kidnap. I do not know whether or not the apparent lack of media coverage of the kidnap is for the hostages’ own safety.

    On your behalf I write to the Foreign Office to ask if they can provide any more information on the current situation with the kidnap. I will of course write to you again when I receive a response.

    Once again thank you for writing to me and I am sorry I am unable to provide you with more information about the kidnap at the present time.

    Yours sincerely

    The Rt Hon Theresa May MP”

    I’ll let you know if I receive any further communications.

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