The Liberal Conspiracy

The Fifth of November is well known for its conspiracies, and another one is hatched today. is a place for the progressive left in Britain to gather and debate. It seeks to be a hub where politicians, interest groups, think tanks, writers and bloggers can co-ordinate their campaigns and ideas. There is much to be done.
I am part of the founding cabal of bloggers, and in future some of my posts here will be cross-posted at the Liberal Conspiracy site.

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  1. I take that back. In under a week it’s gone from tub thumping to arguments about the difference between “liberal left” and “left liberal”. It has the atmosphere of an undergraduate debating society at last orders in the student bar, and very few of the contributors are what I would term liberal.
    When I were a lad there was no automatic association between liberal and left, if anything liberal meant tory (rather than conservative) but without his kicking boots on.

  2. No offence, everyone, but I think it’s a bit cheeky for “the left” to try to appropriate the liberal label. It may have escaped your notice, but it’s already taken: there’s already a whole political party for “liberal” leaning people. It’s called the Lib Dems.

  3. Yes yes, blah blah. You have a point, Clarice, but it is soooo last week.
    The Liberal Conspiracy name was used because that is the description used to denote the general left-leaning progressive bias in organisations such as local councils and the BBC. It is tongue-in-cheek, and not an attempt to label or define.
    Actually, I’m not sure I had noticed the Lib Dems, but that’s a separate point.

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