Your Depressing Train Fact for the Day


We apologise.
For the delay of the.
Service to.
London Waterloo.
Due to.
A fatality on the line at.
West Byfleet.

Automatic rail announcements have “fatality on the line” pre-programmed into their system.

5 Replies to “Your Depressing Train Fact for the Day”

  1. They have almost every sort of word programmed in. Beggars, fatalities, ambulance, police, etc. I just feel sad for the person who jumped really – I was two hours late for work, but in the great scheme of things my thoughts are with her family and friends.

  2. Did she jump, or was she pushed?
    London Underground tell deliberate lies over the loudspeaker about what’s going on with their services. Management insist on station staff claiming there’s a good service when there hasn’t been a train for 25 minutes. It’s to protect their bonuses, apparently.

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