New Job

Today I start a new job with these folk. Consider this an entry into the bloggers’ register of declared interests. If I start to opine on housing policy or intellectual property rights, you’ll know why.

Blog Purgatory

Meanwhile, I notice a recent post from Michelle, highlighting a very 21st Century dilemma: What to do with all the draft blog posts, lying around unloved and unpublished? She suggests that the titles themselves are interesting in themselves, and her mix is certainly quite eclectic.
A new year and a new job seems as good a time as any to share my own list, a litany of half-formed ideas and polemicism:

  • On Political Correctness and Minorities
  • Taking a dump and the BNP
  • Notes on idealism vs realism
  • History as Conquest
  • Language Inflation
  • Post # 349
  • Eating foreign food is low risk, fairweather multiculturalism
  • Don’t make me come over there and lay the smack down
  • NHS and XML
  • Smallweb

Who knows when these will see the light of day (or rather, the light-of-screen)?

6 Replies to “New Job”

  1. All the best in the new job Rob!
    great idea to turn titles of unpublished blogs to good use ( nice twist on old media recycling of unused material) specially Post 349. Even unpublished work sparks comment! I only have two, Ice on the Otter and Not my Department.

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