Bad Electronic Karma

Oh dear, its not going well for me just now. First, my laptop was stolen (yes, that was the bereavement). Now I find some cheeky rapscalion has hacked my WordPress template, co-opting me into the world of comment spamming.  Many thanks to Nosemonkey for pointing out the breach.
The familiar post-modern torn paper template that we all know and hate will return in a new form soon. In the meantime, we’re back with the unassailable Kubrick.
At least its not the rather pungent Denial of Service attacks that flummoxed Chicken Yoghurt recently. Or indeed, litigation. Thankfully I’m not important enough to attract anything other than a spammer.

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  1. This may be interesting but could you write it in crystal mark English for those of us who are electronically challenged even if I am in a minority of one. Thanks in anticipation.

  2. Basically, a “hacker” (malign computer programmer) managed to gain access to some of the computer files he (and it is usually a ‘he’) should not have been able to see. He then modified the code of my blog slightly. This allowed a “spammer” (unprincipled rogue advertiser of sex-aids and steriods) to use my site for his own ends. First, hyperlinks to online stores were hidden in my code, meaning that his Google ranking increased. Second, he made it appear as if the online stores were a part of Not good.
    “Denial of Service” means that the website (in this case, Chicken Yoghurt) is constantly asked for information, at a rate that it cannot keep up with. And litigation is, well, litigation.
    Kubrick is simply the name given to the visual design you see before you. No torn paper here.

  3. He means the image of the torn brown paper that used to be at the top of the page, with “robert sharp” in red writing. I look forward to its return, but personally, I did prefer the version before, with the hand-writing. Perhaps this could be an opportunity to re-instate it, Rob?

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