Here’s a classic piece of obscurity, from HM Treasury, launching a consultation:

The Government seeks input on proposals to update the Myners principles with a set of refreshed and simplified, higher-level principles and the development of a comprehensive suite of authoritative best practice guidance and tools which will give further assistance for trustees to improve investment decision-making and governance.

Now the Myners principles are guidelines for pensions fund trustees, who often lack the knowledge required to act competently and responsibly. So the consultation on this is actually quite important. Could not the opening paragraph be a little less obtuse?

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  1. Rob this is unbelievable. Could you please rewrite in clear english and send it to whoever produced that gobbledogook. I think they don’t know any better and need educating. Input, update, higher level, best practice, guidance, tools, governance , all buzz words they would have been encouraged to use.

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