My new laptop
As previously discussed, I have a new laptop, and feel reincarnated. ‘Tis a lovely MacBook Pro.
I thought I would note down all those programmes and plug-ins that I downloaded and installed immediately. Someone may be interested, and it will save time if I ever get burgled again.

Although I tend to browse via Safari, Firefox is useful, as is the FireFTP plug-in that goes with it. I have a Blackberry as well, which thankfully had my entire addressbook backed up on it. MissingSync allowed me to transfer them easily back to the Apple Mac Address Book.
I also have an iPod, lately linked to a stolen laptop. The iLinkPod programme is free, and allows you to pull MP3s off an iPod, and re-syncronise them with a clean version of iTunes. It is not ideal if you wanted to share individual MP3 tracks, but if you want to reclaim all the files on a particular iPod, then its ideal.
A nice website is, which allows you to tweak the programme dock in Mac OS X 10.5. I had no truck with the new, three dimensional rendering in the latest version of the operating system, but the website guides you through the steps required to change it to something more conservative.
And finally, Adobe Acrobat, of course.

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