Don't Use TalkTalk

Dear me, dealing with some companies can be quite traumatic.
I signed up with TalkTalk earlier in the month, seduced by their phone and broadband offer for a tenner a month. Today, however, I phoned to cancel the service, and was subjected to a continual barrage of questions about why I would dare do such a thing. I have my reasons – some logistical, some financial, and some technical – but when I’ve firmly stated my decision, all I really want is to sever the relationship as quickly and as painlessly as possible. What I do not want is the customer service team moralising about how wrong I am, probing my decision for false lemmas. The last time I was subjected to such interrogation was in a Moroccan carpet shop, and at least then they gave me tea.

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  1. I ha the same trouble when I concelled our Sky TV a while ago.
    A least a couple of times a month for a couple of months we had them ringing up offering us cheap subscription and the like.
    Never again.

  2. Hope you get it sorted soon. TalkTalk don’t have a fantastic record for customer service, looks like it’s still the case. Carphone Warehouse are trying to re-invent themselves as they once were, free impartial advice – let’s hope this actually does happen as TalkTalk certainly needs a change of company culture. The current “we know best” certainly isn’t the way forward. Customer service really needs to come back.
    I’m afraid I’ve not got a recommendation of a broadband provider that definitely does this…

  3. Talktalk must be one of the worst companies I have ever dealt with. It would take me an hour to relate my experiences trying to stop my account with them I finally succeeded by contacting OFCOM They are now trying to recover money I DONT owe them!!!!!!!

  4. They moved our business account (without notice) to a private account. This means we get less support, slower repairs and the brodband is slower and stops working every couple of days.
    We asked them several times to expalin why they moved us and to move us back. The business department say that our account has moved and they have no records. The non business department say that as the account was moved from business, they have no records.
    We requested copies of all notes, contracts etc but these has not been received.
    I have never dealt with a company as bad as TalkTalk in 40 years in business.

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