I'm calling it for Obama

Yesterday’s edition of Question Time on the BBC featured a question on the US Presidential Campaign:  Has the Sarah Palin pick increased John McCain’s chances of winning?
The panel all repeated the familiar talking points about the closeness of the race, and how obviously Palin had increased McCain’s chances.  But I disagree:  The pick has merely reduced the margin by which McCain will lose, which does not amount to the same thing.
The post-convention bounce is over now, and Obama is recovering his lead in the polls.  Palin’s veneer is being chipped away, and both her lies and lack of substance are being revealed.  The economy is tanking, which will affect the vote for the incumbent party no matter how much McCain claims, erroneously, to be a maverick.  And the next big game changing event will be the debates, where Obama will come off as more inspirational, Biden more serious.
I am not superstitious and do not believe that one can tempt fate.  The world (including Conservatives in the UK, if last night’s Question Time is anything to go by) already see that Obama is clearly the better candidate – not just in a We Are The World, New Camelot style cool way, but intellectually and tempermentally too.  I’m confident that Americans will come to the same conclusion.

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