Its the faded parchment screen print agitprop aesthetic YouTube round-up

An increasingly common visual style for political campaign videos is the the faded-parchment screen-print agitprop aesthetic, coupled with typography and animation (usually utilising Apple’s Motion programme).  Its slick and funky, and develops the insurgent, vanguard aesthetic that has been the staple of many a left-liberal leaning and/or anti-government campaign for decades. The latest favourite, another Obama video from MC Yogi:

Crucially, this style of animation is a low cost way to produce something that is eye-catching and professional. Moreover, graphics and animation students are being set typography-animation assignments as part of their courses. I predict that this type of video will become one of the defining aesthetics of the next decade.
Here are some more examples. I.O.U.S.A:

The Universal Declaration on Human Rights, as commissioned by the Human Rights Action Center:

What Barry Says:

… and the title sequence from Kiss Kiss Bang Bang is a more sophisticated example from a couple of years ago:

Interestingly, the Conservatives new poster campaign utilises a similar visual style.

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  1. Using typography to mimic the script is both compelling and a bit strange for a serious political message. While we know the importance of pop video directors, I’m still surprised that serious messages should be sent this way.
    Doesn’t it feel a bit like an attempt to bypass the intellect? Feel the width and chill out to the beat! Its slightly understandable for Obama to use this for the non-voting American public. But trying to funk out to anti neo conservatism feels like a healthy eating campaign run by Coca Cola.

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